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Kendrick Perkins Knees Are Made of Tissue Paper

#TOTWArmy Pod #71, Join @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as we talk about Thunder/Westbrook, Bulls/Rose, Cavs, who got rookie contract extensions and who didn't, Lakers slow start, & things we've missed about NBA Basketball. 

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The Spoelstra Effect

#TOTWArmy podcast #70! Join @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as we offer our preseason predictions for awards, playoffs & give some bold predictions for the season! Can't wait for the NBA season!!!

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Lock of the Week (Never Gamble!)

#TOTWArmy NBA Pod #69 (Beavis laugh), join @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as we discuss over/under number for the NBA season & what picks we like. Also, we give you our  (lock sound) "LOCK OF THE WEEK"!

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Another Great Division to Get a Drink

#TOTWArmy Pocast #68, @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball finish off our #TOTWArmy NBA season preview with the Southeast Division!

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A Good Division to Get a Nice Cold Drink

#TOTWArmy NBA Basketball Podcast # 67, @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball continue the #TOTWArmy NBA season preview with the Southwest Division! 

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A Little Shoutout to Horchata

#TOTWArmy Podcast #66, Join @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball as we continue our NBA season preview with the Central Division.

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Defenders of Peanuts and All Saints

#TOTWArmy Pod #65, Join @traread @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball as we continue our season preview with the Pacific Divison & of course stick up for peanuts and All Saints.

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Next Sunday, the Twelfth

#TOTWArmy Podcast #64, Join @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball, as we continue our season preview with the Northwest Division.

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Apple Back End

#TOTWArmy Podcast #63 , Join @Youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball as we start our season preview with the Atlantic Division.

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Not Enough Followers to Follow Elmo...But Enough to Follow Cookie Monster

#TOTWArmy Pod #62, @youngpepdash & @wooblyball reflect on the movie "Linsanity", talking about his high school, college, & pro career thus far. We reflect how spectacular Linsanity actually was looking back & after the hype has died down and where he is going forward. 

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Return of the Tractor Traylor Tally

#TOTWArmy Pod #61 @younpepdash @mrdangdang & I reflect on Social Media in the NBA community, both the good & bad aspects. Big shout out to @NBA_Reddit & the NBA Twittersphere in general, which is probably you. So, shout out to you.

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Shout Out to Leigh Ellis For Rocking the Fortress

#TOTWArmy NBA Podcast #60, Join @mrdangdang @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as we talk the Atlanta Hawks situation that has come up in the past week involving GM Danny Ferry and majority owner Bruce Levenson. Shout out to great Atlanta Hawks fans, like the GM of the #TOTWArmy @leighellis 

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Vanessa Bryant at Center

#TOTWArmy Podcast #59 @youngpepdash @core27 and @wooblyball answer your fan questions! Big shoutout to everyone who sent them in. We had a lot of fun and great show with your help.  Keep sending them in, great job! Let us know your answers to any of the questions as well. #shoutouttoourfans #greatjobgreateffort 

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We Never Think About Phat Lever

#TOTWArmy Podcast #58, @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball all talk about NBA players we think are overrated & underrated in the NBA annals of time. Agree? Disagree? Who would you pick for each? Shout out to @thegamermode for the topic!

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Terrible Internet Connections

#TOTWArmy Podcast #57 Join @youngpepdash & I as we break down the big Kevin Love trade & share our insights to how we thingk each team made out in the trade and their offseason in general. Also we discuss our all NBA super hero team.

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Disney Hacks

#TOTWArmy Podcast #56 Join @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball as we talk about this year’s NBA schedule (games we can't wait to see & games we'd pay not to see) & recall fondly going to live sporting events. Shout out to live sporting events!

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"Rudy Gay is Misunderstood, Kinda Like Me."

#TOTWArmy Podcast # 55, Join @youngpepdash @traread & @wooblyball as we go through our Irrational Love All-Stars, players we are just drawn to for no "good" reason. Who'd be on your team? 

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MJ-Scottie-Pete Myers

#TOTWArmy Podcast #54, Join @core27 @traread @younpepdash & @wooblyball as we draft our all time best NBA teams, who you got?

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Kevin Love Loves Ice Fishing?

#TOTWArmy Podcast #53! Join @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as they talk all about future of the NBA this week! We react to changes that will happen next season, some that Adam Silver has throw around, a few ones that are more far out & even propose three things we'd like to see changed in the NBA today. 

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Free Agency Frenzy

#TOTWArmy Podcast #52, Join @youngpepdash & I as we talk all about the frenzy of free agency moves and how they have shaped the NBA landscape.

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Gogurt and Moxie

#TOTWArmy Podcast #51 Join @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball as we review NBA free agencey moves thus far & review the NBA Draft. #fourtycasesofyoungpepsi

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Pep's a Diet Pepsi Guy

#TOTWArmy Podcast #50 (!!!!) where @youngpepdash & @wooblyball talk both the Omer Asik trade & the Tyson Chandler/Jose Calderon (?) trade & preview the big draft tomorrow!

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Spoiler Alert: Spurs Win

#TOTWArmy Podcast #49, Join @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball as we wrap up the NBA Finals & ponder each team's future going forward, SPOLIER ALERT!!!

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So, You're Going Rudy Tomjanovich?

 #TOTWArmy Podcast #48, join @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as they review games 2-4 in the NBA Finals as Spurs are up Heat 3-1. The guys also give game five/series predictions & are super funny as usual (duh).

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#TOTWArmy Podcast #47 Join @core27 @youngpepdash @traread & @wooblyball as we review the first game of the NBA Finals & preview game two.

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The Coolest Thing You Can Do In 0.1 Seconds

#TOTWArmy Podcast #45 with @mrdangdang @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as we discuss the NBA draft order & East/West Conference Finals. 

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One, Two. One, Two.

Join the #TOTWArmy dudes, @traread @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as we review the last games of round two and preview both the Conference Finals, Spurs/Thunder & Pacers/Heat. 

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Thunder Pull One Out of Their Lucky Magic Hats

Join the #TOTWArmy podcast bros, @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball, as we cover Monday & Tuesday's NBA Playoff action including the OKC/Clipper fantastic finish & some other not as fantastic finishes!

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Chris Bosh: The Thrid Heatle

Join the #TOTWArmy Podcast bros, @mrdangdang @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball, as they break down the second round for you so far this busy NBA week! 

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Down With the Dewy Decimal System

Join #TOTWArmy Podcast bros, @youngpepdash @mrdangdang & @wooblyball as they have another midweek edition to keep you up to date with all the fantastic playoff action in this first round & also share what 30 for 30 we want to see made. Also, Everyone form Philly is controversial including Chris, A little bit of Linsanity, double fisting Gatorade, 2001 Raps v. 76ers playoff action, Goodbye sweet Rufus, & every one misses Andrew Bogut screens.

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Watching Basketball, Talking Basketball, Don't Tell Anybody

#TOTWArmy Podcast #39 w/ @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball, we bring you up to date with the exciting first round of the playoffs!  Lots of NBA talk & funny stuff too like Pep going on a cruise with Scott Brooks or Dwight Howard, Reggie Jackson is #MRApril, Troy Hudson....I mean Troy Daniels is precoging, "more of a Jurassic Park, Muggsy Bouges type of guy", Bobcats: just swap rosters, & Mark Cuban Tongue wag!

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Chris Douglas McRoberts

Join the #TOTWArmy guys @mrdangdang @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball as they review all the playoff series in the first round thus far. Of course funny topics arise, such as Chris Douglas Robert's endorsement deal with McDonalds masterminded by Corey, King Of Puns, Full sleeves of Ronald McDonald & friends, More WWE but no body slams, #horn, & Golden Salty Warriors. 

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An Old Fashioned Slobberknocker Playoff Preview

Join the #TOTWArmy Podcast bros @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as they give you a NBA playoff preview for the 1st round of the NBA playoff, just in time for the playoffs! Of course funny stuff arises like Slobberknockers, Triple H, settling for trying on defense, winning the war not the battle, a lot of emotion at the center position, & Lawrence Franks notes as a key to Nets success!

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The Hot Sauce No One Wants To Go Against

Join the #TOTWArmy bros, @core27 @youngpepdash @mrdangdang & @wooblyball, as we review some of our preseason predictions and also describe our favorite teams season if it was personified as a hot sauce (yes you read that right). Of course lots of funny things to look for like Chef Wiggins, Shout outs to Sim City, The Note of Jordan Crawford, Woobly tests his roasting skillz, the game no one wanted to win & imploding hot sauce.

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A Shooter That Can't Shoot

Join the #TOWArmy bros, @youngpepdash @traread & @wooblyball, as they host the 1st inaugural Haties! What are the Haties? Think of them as the opposite of the NBA's individual awards, celebrating the not so spectacular the NBA has to offer. So dive right in and let us know who you think should've won a coveted bronze statue from Woobly (be sure to contact me winners as to where to send awards). You might also come across John Lucas III in a John Lucas III costume, What DeMarcus Cousins has in common with the OKC Thunder, L jokes everywhere, Donatello really fell off, Kevin Durant really isn't nice to refs, and why you don’t want too many Michelangelos & not enough Leonardos!

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Giannis In the Title

Join the #TOTWArmy Bros, @youngpepdash @mrdangdang & @wooblyball, on a BONUS mid-week episode as they talk about Plums block on LeBron James, Kevin Durant's 25+ point streak ending, the key to Pop/Spurs success in one quote & Chris shares his insights from NBA Reddit. Of course funny stuff like our knowledge of Portland is limited to Portlandia, Mason Plumblee is still clearly on towel duty, Paul Pierce’s special double protein wings & the internet loves the Smoothie King!

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 "A Whole Core of Robots.....& Joey Crawford"

Join the #TOTWArmy bros, @youngpepdash @core27 @traread and @wooblyball , as they discuss all the NBA week happenings like the fight for 8th in the East, should we worry about the Pacers, Goran Dragic video, and much more! Also keep your ears open for S Club 7, Luc Longley's shrimp bid rights, robot officials & presidents, everyone wants a Nick Young video, & Slick Watts!

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Larry Bird's Official Jack and Diane Mix tape

Join the Tweet of the Weak Army Bros, @mrdangdang @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball, as they take you through the happenings of the week in the NBA world like Greg Oden, Gary Washburn MVP, Fines in the NBA, answer your fan questions (keep sending in more!) & much much more! Also funny topics such as creeper puns, Juwan Howard's 55 year career, Morris brother butt pats, more shooting forwards, using Charles Barkley’s Jersey as a catch all tarp in basketball arenas, & why Woobly is getting a tattoo of Nazr Mohammed, Fabricio Oberto, & Michael Finely on his back.

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Stepping Stools

Join the awesome #TOTWArmy dudes, @mrdangdang @youngpepdash @wooblyball, as they take you on a magical journey down Basketball Lane. On the journey, they discuss the Documentary "Summer Dreams", address rebuilding teams, make just one more small move, answer the #TOTWArmyArmy's questions & of course much much more! Pit stops along the way include imitation crab meat, anti-gravity arenas, Dwayne "The Beard" Davis, find out who has sausage hands, NBA Jam Gerald Green style, & how Woobly tricked Facebook into thinking he's Irish.

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Better or More Valuable?

Join the #TOTWArmy NBA Basketball Podcast Bros, @core27 @mrdangdang @wooblyball, as they catch you up with all the past NBA week's happenings including how the West is the best, Heat losing streak, Noah V. Howard and much more! Look out for so many bad puns, Corey being clutch with Sporcle, Sending mascots to the D-League, Michael Jordan fax Twitter jokes, Psycho-T is still alive (not Chops!!!!) & HUGE SHOUT OUT TO BLOOMING ONIONS!

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Platypus Venom

Join this week's installment of #TOTWArmy Podcast staring @traread @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as they catch you up to this weeks NBA happenings including Phil Jackson to the Knicks?, our take on tanking, pitching Shaq a business idea & more! Of course lots of other fun things to look for too like from zero % to zero %, Dumb Ways To Die & train safety, Tom Loves saying Giannis Antetokounmpo's name, Woobly's pitch to Phil Jackson, &  Film, Music, & Cream Soda: The Big Three.

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