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Basketball Movie Pitches

The #TOTWArmy guys, @core27 @youngpepdash @traread @wooblyball, all pitch a basketball related movie. Take a listen to all four basketball related pitches and let us know as the fans which one or ones you would like to see made. Lots of Hugh Jackman, Chocolate drinks, Australia, Las Vegas, Kidnapping, and Mike Krzyzewski all make their appearance on an entertaining show.

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Famous Smalls & Talls of the NBA

#TOTWArmy Podcast celebrates the famous & influential Smalls and Talls of the NBA. Join the guys, @wooblyball @youngpepdash @core27 & @mrdangdang , as they discuss all your favorite little & big guys such players as Muggsy Bogues, Nate Robinson, Shawn Bradley, Manute Bol, and many more! Let us know what you think & if we missed anyone!

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Face of the Franchise

The #TOTWArmy Dudes, @wooblyball  @core27 & @mrdangdang , all discuss who is the face of the franchise for all of the current 30 NBA franchises & some extra ones too! In other words, who is the player you think of when you think of Bulls, Celtics, 76ers, Lakers, ETC... Let us know your picks & if you agree with our picks! Shout out to @Leighellis 

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All About NBA Logos

The #TOTWArmy guys, @YoungPepDash @Core27 @traread @wooblyball , talk all about NBA logos. Our favorite, least favorite, ones that need to change. Plus The #TOTWArmy exposes the NBA's dirty little logo secret, Little Susie!

Here are the Websites we mentioned if you wanted to peruse them while we talk about said logos:

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