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I Thought G-Man Was Fired

Listen in as the #TOTWArmy bros,  @youngpepdash @mrdangdang & @wooblyballs , discuss and react to the All-Star Weekend 2014 in New Orleans & talk about the impending trade deadline coming up by playing a new game called "Rumor Roulette". Hope you enjoy! Also be sure to listen for why Arne Duncan has a chip on his shoulder, Chris calls out the Harrison Barnes 2K14 dunk, we dig the socks, G-Man in a subway, #aimingforzero, and why the 1st quarter of the ASG was better than the dunk contest in Woobly's opinion. 

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The Rise of Sasha "The Machine" Vujacic

Join the #TOTWArmy Podcast dudes, @traread @youngpepdash & @wooblyball , as they break down the recent happenings of the NBA in the past week like the GM being fired from Cavs, we talk about the Kyle Lowry foul and ejection, the Bucks recent Y2K promotion (no, you didn't read that wrong) and more! Plus Woobly makes it clear he listened to too much Coolio as a kid, Roy Hibbert's choke slam, David Stern on a beach, we find out who will be Pop's personal wine connoisseur and A HATERS BALL DRAW!!

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First Podcast of the Adam Silver Era

Join the #TOTWArmy guys, @youngpepdash & @wooblyball, as they catch you up with everything NBA in the last week including Bynum to the Pacers, we talk about who would replace the All-Star Game players if they couldn't play in the ASG, NBA/NFL props, and more! We also cover either bad Étouffée by Scottie Brooks or Muffaletta by Frank Vogel, Woobly makes up a new gambling term "The Buffer", the Bud Bowl, why David Stern stayed for exactly 30 years as commissioner, & Pep give us a PSA and some words of wisdom on gambling.

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"Steve Nash Has All the Balls"

This week's #TOTWArmy Podcast has us at #FullSquad with all 5 of us, @core27 @Youngpepdash @mrdangdang @traread & @wooblyball, present for today's podcast.  We talk Brooklyn’s resurgence, biggest disappointments and pleasant surprises, & Kevin "the Slim Reaper" Durant deserves some time on the podcast as well as much more. Lots of funny moments to look for as well like Britney Spears balling out, Alexey Shved really does change his face, Tom shares Netball with us, Genie Brouchard gets a shout out, Commissioner Drake, and lots of shout outs to @benyamkidane ! (Shout out to @benyamkidane)

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Happy Birthday Basketball!!!

Join the #TOTWArmy guys, @core27 @youngpepdash @mrdangdang & @wooblyball , as they catch you up this week NBA happenings with Rondo's return, Jordan Crawford 3 way trade, Chris's review of the Verizon Center, NBA with some international flavor and much more! Also, G-Wiz is voted over G-Man, Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman wrestling, return of the Freudian nipple slip, insight to why David Stern prefers muffins over doughnuts & Corey's adopted son, Jordan Crawford, is an inspiration to us all!

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"I'm in Forbes Magazine!"

Join @Traread @mrdangdang @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball on the latest installment of the #TOTWArmy Podcast as we catch you up to speed with everything NBA including what to do with Andrew Bynum, reaction to the Andre Miller "suspension", Raptors success post Rudy, and what's interesting about Kevin Love's rebounding stats  (is he pulling a Rondo?). As always, lots more stuff included as well such as Fireside Chats, Andrew Bynum seems to like money, we all have a good laugh when talking about Andrew Bynum going to the Sixers again, "Stinks of Masai", and Freudian slips for Big Baby.

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A Gentleman and a Scholar

The #TOTWArmy guys, @core27 @Youngpepdash @mrdangdang @wooblyball, bring you up to speed on all things NBA, like the recent Russ Westbrook injury, we break down the Christmas games for you, and much more! Things like passive aggressiveness, NBA calendar RAGE!!!, Sam Mitchell being a big poop head and getting body slammed, Chandler Parsons the Dolphin, and #FollowBack. Join us and let us know your thoughts! 

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The Opposite of No

 Join the #TOTWArmy guys, @mrdangdang @core27 @youngpepdash @traread & @wooblyball, as they talk about Kobe Bryant’s latest injury, Pacers/Heat, Trailblazer’s offense & Damian Lillard game winners(!!!), MCW on CNN and much much more! Like what you say….fine….but you owe me. Lakers retiring Swaggy P’s jersey, Thai food puns, #passfirst, Tom introduces his rap career, karate kicks to Kendrick Perkins, Seattle Bucks & DON’T CALL IT A RIVALRY! Sponsored by PB & J.

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Part Robot, Part Canadian, Part Portuguese, Part Dinosaur

Join the #TOTWArmy guys , @core27 @mrdangdang & @wooblyball , in the latest episode where they talk Danny Granger integration to a hot Pacers team, Kyle Lowry trade rumors, more Asik rumors and who’s in and out of the mix for him, Sugargate, Shoutout of the week, 2 new segments (Haters Ball and Grandpa's Secret Stash) and of course much much more including jokey jokes. Jokes like Freudian nipple flip, Jordan "The Ombudsman" Crawford, Leslie Knope levels of sugar addiction, Tim Duncan and burnt steaks, and of course, Fairness in the workplace. Join us today on iTunes & Sticher as well. Shoutout to you for listening!

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Kobe, Argentina, and Tunisia

Join the #TOTWArmy guys, @MrDangDang @core27 @YoungPepDash & @wooblyball , as they start getting ready for the holidays with things they are thankful for, Black Friday deals, Christmas lists for teams, who's been naughty and nice, and much much more! What things you ask? Well you're kinda rude but things like product placement, free Playstations, Cloning the Phoenix Suns Training Staff, and Tasting the Sixers over. Remember to use #TOTWArmy to let us know what you think!

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