TOTWArmy NBA Basketball Podcast

#TOTWArmy Pod #74, @youngpepdash @mrdangdang & @wooblyball talk Kobe's 32K pts, funny twitter handles, Nuggets/Faried/Shaw, return of Young Pep Talk, and much more!

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Stupid Sexy Flanders

#TOTWArmy Podcast #72, @core27 @mrdangdang & @wooblyball talk legalized sports gambling, Rose's comments, best/worst local announcers mustaches & more!

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Pau and Woobly's Running of the Bulls

#TOTWArmy Pod #72, Join @mrdangdang @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball as we talk Rubio, Small Sample Sizes, answer lots of your questions, play some #pungun (#pew) & all the old segments like ROTW and Grampa's Secret Stash return! (Plus of course much much more)

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Kendrick Perkins Knees Are Made of Tissue Paper

#TOTWArmy Pod #71, Join @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as we talk about Thunder/Westbrook, Bulls/Rose, Cavs, who got rookie contract extensions and who didn't, Lakers slow start, & things we've missed about NBA Basketball. 

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