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Pep's a Diet Pepsi Guy

#TOTWArmy Podcast #50 (!!!!) where @youngpepdash & @wooblyball talk both the Omer Asik trade & the Tyson Chandler/Jose Calderon (?) trade & preview the big draft tomorrow!

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Spoiler Alert: Spurs Win

#TOTWArmy Podcast #49, Join @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball as we wrap up the NBA Finals & ponder each team's future going forward, SPOLIER ALERT!!!

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So, You're Going Rudy Tomjanovich?

 #TOTWArmy Podcast #48, join @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as they review games 2-4 in the NBA Finals as Spurs are up Heat 3-1. The guys also give game five/series predictions & are super funny as usual (duh).

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#TOTWArmy Podcast #47 Join @core27 @youngpepdash @traread & @wooblyball as we review the first game of the NBA Finals & preview game two.

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Lance Stephenson's Oprah Money (FAB-u-lous)

#TOTWArmy Podcast #46, Join @traread @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as we wrap up both Western & Eastern Conference Finals & preview the much awaited NBA Finals between Spurs/Heat. RE-RE-REMIX!!!!!

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