TOTWArmy NBA Basketball Podcast
"Steve Nash Has All the Balls"

This week's #TOTWArmy Podcast has us at #FullSquad with all 5 of us, @core27 @Youngpepdash @mrdangdang @traread & @wooblyball, present for today's podcast.  We talk Brooklyn’s resurgence, biggest disappointments and pleasant surprises, & Kevin "the Slim Reaper" Durant deserves some time on the podcast as well as much more. Lots of funny moments to look for as well like Britney Spears balling out, Alexey Shved really does change his face, Tom shares Netball with us, Genie Brouchard gets a shout out, Commissioner Drake, and lots of shout outs to @benyamkidane ! (Shout out to @benyamkidane)

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Happy Birthday Basketball!!!

Join the #TOTWArmy guys, @core27 @youngpepdash @mrdangdang & @wooblyball , as they catch you up this week NBA happenings with Rondo's return, Jordan Crawford 3 way trade, Chris's review of the Verizon Center, NBA with some international flavor and much more! Also, G-Wiz is voted over G-Man, Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman wrestling, return of the Freudian nipple slip, insight to why David Stern prefers muffins over doughnuts & Corey's adopted son, Jordan Crawford, is an inspiration to us all!

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Shunned Birthday Wishes

This week's #TOTWArmy Podcast, staring @Youngpepdash @core27 @wooblyball , catch you up to date on all things NBA such as how Kevin Durant has been smoking (stats wise) but still Thunder woes,  Dennis Rodman & North Korea, Deng for Bynum & much more! Woobly tries to get HIS music career started this time, we find out that Mike Tyson isn’t politics incarnate, DJ Jazzy Jeff never gets enough shoutouts, a stern shoutout to Muggsy Bogues, & a spot on impression of Luol Deng's mom.  

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"I'm in Forbes Magazine!"

Join @Traread @mrdangdang @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball on the latest installment of the #TOTWArmy Podcast as we catch you up to speed with everything NBA including what to do with Andrew Bynum, reaction to the Andre Miller "suspension", Raptors success post Rudy, and what's interesting about Kevin Love's rebounding stats  (is he pulling a Rondo?). As always, lots more stuff included as well such as Fireside Chats, Andrew Bynum seems to like money, we all have a good laugh when talking about Andrew Bynum going to the Sixers again, "Stinks of Masai", and Freudian slips for Big Baby.

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