TOTWArmy NBA Basketball Podcast
Larry Bird's Official Jack and Diane Mix tape

Join the Tweet of the Weak Army Bros, @mrdangdang @core27 @youngpepdash & @wooblyball, as they take you through the happenings of the week in the NBA world like Greg Oden, Gary Washburn MVP, Fines in the NBA, answer your fan questions (keep sending in more!) & much much more! Also funny topics such as creeper puns, Juwan Howard's 55 year career, Morris brother butt pats, more shooting forwards, using Charles Barkley’s Jersey as a catch all tarp in basketball arenas, & why Woobly is getting a tattoo of Nazr Mohammed, Fabricio Oberto, & Michael Finely on his back.

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Stepping Stools

Join the awesome #TOTWArmy dudes, @mrdangdang @youngpepdash @wooblyball, as they take you on a magical journey down Basketball Lane. On the journey, they discuss the Documentary "Summer Dreams", address rebuilding teams, make just one more small move, answer the #TOTWArmyArmy's questions & of course much much more! Pit stops along the way include imitation crab meat, anti-gravity arenas, Dwayne "The Beard" Davis, find out who has sausage hands, NBA Jam Gerald Green style, & how Woobly tricked Facebook into thinking he's Irish.

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Better or More Valuable?

Join the #TOTWArmy NBA Basketball Podcast Bros, @core27 @mrdangdang @wooblyball, as they catch you up with all the past NBA week's happenings including how the West is the best, Heat losing streak, Noah V. Howard and much more! Look out for so many bad puns, Corey being clutch with Sporcle, Sending mascots to the D-League, Michael Jordan fax Twitter jokes, Psycho-T is still alive (not Chops!!!!) & HUGE SHOUT OUT TO BLOOMING ONIONS!

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Platypus Venom

Join this week's installment of #TOTWArmy Podcast staring @traread @youngpepdash & @wooblyball as they catch you up to this weeks NBA happenings including Phil Jackson to the Knicks?, our take on tanking, pitching Shaq a business idea & more! Of course lots of other fun things to look for too like from zero % to zero %, Dumb Ways To Die & train safety, Tom Loves saying Giannis Antetokounmpo's name, Woobly's pitch to Phil Jackson, &  Film, Music, & Cream Soda: The Big Three.

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"Great Minds Think Alike"

Join the #TOTWArmy Podcast Guys, @Mrdangdang @youngpepdash @core27 & @wooblyball, as they catch you up with all the NBA news of the last week including a discussion of the importance of Russell Westbrook to the Thunder, Buyout Blitz, Allen Iverson's number retirement and much more. Be sure to listen for Mark Cuban's D-League Channel, trading Tom Thibodeau for the #4 pick, the other Easy-E in Easy Ed Macauley, Marcus Camby's Slingshot Free throw, Philly fans don't always boo, and we find out that Chris was Heckling Trevor Ariza.......but not really.

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